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Established in 1981, Hunter’s Creek Dental Center located in Orlando, FL, was the first dental practice in the Hunter’s Creek community. We believe that visiting the dentist should always be a positive experience, and we have designed our practice to provide a higher standard of dental care. In addition to complimentary consultations, our treatments incorporate the latest technology for comfortable and efficient care. Since the beginning, Dr. Mohammed Khan has focused on providing personalized care in a welcoming environment. His practice has since expanded to include his daughter, Dr. Amber Khan. They  provided the local community with top-class dental care. Together, they can help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. 

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New Patients

Complete your patient forms online. If financing is needed then go online to and apply.

New Patients

Complete your patient forms online. If financing is needed then go online to and apply.

Hunters Creek Dental Center

Snap On Dentures

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At Hunter’s Creek Dental Center we provide the highest quality snap on dentures made in house. Schedule a free dental implant consultation today and rejuvenate your smile. 

How We Differ From the Rest

High Patient Satisfaction Rate

Our first priority is the well-being of our patients. Our dentists and practice have over 100 outstanding Google reviews. We welcome new and prospective patients to our Orlando, Fl, dental practice to experience a higher level of dental care.   

Training and Experience

Our dentists have more than three decades of dental experience. Dr. Khan is dedicated to staying on top of the latest research and development in dentistry. He has attended the Las Vegas institute for advanced dental studies. Our dentists are actively involved in hands-on training and continuing education. 


Our Orlando, Fl, dental practice is a one-stop-shop where people of all ages can get almost any dentistry care treatment or service. Our office has its own dental lab on-site, which means we can guarantee our products are always high-quality. These services bring back comfort or improve the appearance of your smile and restore oral health. 

5-Star Reviews

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If you have severe dental problems, need a routine check-up, or want to address aesthetic issues, our dentists provide the highest level of care in a relaxed setting. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with the utmost care.

Dr. Mohammed and Amber Khan are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for their patients through vast experience, advanced technology and a keen eye for cosmetic detail.

Hunter’s Creek Dental Center, is centrally located in Orlando, FL, just a few minutes from Disney World. The dental office is easily accessible for local and out-of-town patients. We provide a full and comprehensive list of services. This ensures patient experience optimal health, improved appearance and oral comfort. 


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Featured Services

Dental Implants

If you suffer from missing teeth, Dr. Khan can reclaim the benefits and functionality of your natural teeth with dental implants. Hunter’s Creek Dental Center uses titanium posts that are placed in the jaw that make a stable foundation for your bridges, dentures and crowns. We provide convenient and reliable care from start to finish since we preform every stage of the procedure at our dental practice. This includes attachment of the final restoration and the surgical placement as well as creation of the restoration in our own dental lab 

Dental Crowns

A decayed or broken tooth can cause pain. It can also make chewing difficult and can affect your self-esteem and have a negative affect on your speech. Our dentists at Hunter’s Creek dental Center offer a wide range of the highest materials. Each type of dental crown material offers patients different advantages, depending on their needs. Dr. Khan also offers same day crowns at his Orlando, practice.  

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can happen in an instant. Suddenly, a loved one or yourself has a badly damaged tooth or severe dental pain. Hunter’s Creek Dental Center has treated countless patients with every kind of dental emergencies. We will do everything we can to see you as soon as possible. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction

 If you are suffering from significant tooth loss, decay or damage, our dentists at their Orlando office, offers full mouth reconstruction to help patients restore a functional smile. Dr Khan uses cutting edge technology and multiple dental procedures to restore a healthy smile in a short time frame.  


If you are missing most of your teeth, it can affect your ability to speak and chew. It can also affect your confidence. A denture from Hunter’s Creek Dental Center can bring back your smile. 

Our Complete Services

I Can Now Smile with My Dental Implants

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Hunter’s Creek Dental Center provides Orlando residents with a comprehensive range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. Dr. Khan and his daughter have a passion for improving patients’ lives by transforming their oral health. 

Essential Information for New Patients

If your treatment is only partially covered or not covered at all by your insurance, you can apply for financing through CareCredit®. A variety of payment plans are available for qualifying patients.

Print and complete patient forms prior to your appointment so we can process the information in a timely fashion. Information about your medical history is also vital in planning safe, effective treatment.

Our patient questionnaire allows you to provide us with detailed information regarding your oral health, concerns, and goals, which we will discuss before treatment.

More 5-Star Reviews

Drs. Amber and Dr. Khan are great. Painless surgery and all the support staff was excellent. The best dental service I have in Central Florida. 100% recommended. Thank you for make me smile with confident again.
I been to this office several times and I had the best service ever. My nephew and I go there and i definitely recommend this dental office. The dentist that did my extraction she was awesome and very friendly. Damaris and the staff at the front were very courteous.Thank you so much for a wonderful experience

Our Dentists

Can Treat Your Whole Family

Dentistry treatments can differ with age. Since we provide a full scope of services, we can treat ever member of your family.  


With children, we help them become comfortable visiting the dentist. and we focus on teaching the proper way to clean teeth.

Pediatrics Dentistry in Orlando, Fl
Teen Braces Implants in Orlando, Fl


With teens and pre-teens, the focus on dental education remains at the top of our list. For this age group, monitoring the development of the wisdom teeth are especially important factors. With all of our patients of all ages, we regularly check for common dental problems, such as gingivitis and cavities, in teens and children.


As patients reach adulthood, we encourage them every six months  to attend dental check-ups at our Orlando, FL, practice. At the check-ups, we remove built-up tartar and plaque from the teeth and evaluate the health of the teeth and gums.

Dental Check-Ups in Orlando, Fl
Senior Dental Care in Orlando, Fl


Senior patients can have more specific dental care needs. More serious dental problems can arise at this age. Medical conditions such as diabetes can make individuals more prone to gum disease. In addition, seniors may have medical conditions that can increase the risk of dental problems. Arthritis can make it difficult to brush and floss properly.

Family Dental Care and the Benefits

Having your entire family come to our Orlando, Fl, dental practice helps us understand your families genetic links and medical history that can increase the risk of dental problems for future family members. 

Why is Visiting the Dentist so Important?

Even if you follow common preventive dental care and have no toothaches and healthy teeth. You may be wondering why you still need to see a dentist. Patients who have healthy smiles can benefit from a dentistry visit. That is why Hunter’s Creek Dental Center recommends patients from Orlando, FL and all of Florida visit our dental practice every six months. 

Build a Beautiful Smile

At Hunter’s Creek Dental Center, for over 30 years we have helped patients build a healthy smiles, free from tooth decay, gum disease and other health problems. Our dentists preform dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening.  

Oral Health Care

Gum disease and tooth decay don’t alway show apparent and painful symptoms when they start to form. You can treat these oral health problems early by seeing a dentist regularly and avoid serious issues from arising later in life. 

Evaluate Risk

Dr. Khan can assess your risk level of developing various oral health problems through examination and X-rays. Once this is determined, our dentists can recommend deep cleaning, fluoride and additional preventive treatments.