Dental Technology

Please review the following patient information before your first appointment: 

Your comfort is our number one priority!

At Hunter’s Creek Dental Center in Orlando, our patient’s satisfaction, smile, and comfort is our number one priority. We understand that many dental procedures may be uncomfortable and can cause patients to feel anxious prior to the procedure. Millions of individuals suffer from dental anxiety because of the potential pain they may feel during a visit, which is why we offer various types of oral sedation. We also utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our patients receive the best dental services. For example, Hunter’s Creek Dental Center offers digital radiography or digital x-rays. Digital x-rays use an electronic sensor to capture and store a digital image on a computer. This allows said image to be viewed instantly and enlarged to help a dentist pinpoint specific dental issues. Digital x-rays reduce radiation by 80-90%, making them incredibly safe. To learn more about our technology and patient comforts, contact our office at (407) 240-1500

Feeling anxious before a dental treatment? We can help!

If you are worried about your upcoming dental procedure, do not feel embarrassed. We offer various forms of pain control that cannot only lessen the amount of pain you feel, but help calm your nerves before, during, and after said procedure. Nitrous oxide, which is commonly referred to as laughing gas, is one of the most frequently used forms of pain management. Laughing gas can make you feel relaxed and even euphoric, but wears off quickly once the gas is turned off. We can also use oral sedation to help patients reduce their fear and anxiety related to their dental procedure. Oral sedation is extremely common and often used to calm patients’ nerves. Depending on the type of procedure and a patient’s anxiety, we may ask a patient to take an oral medication a day to a few hours before their procedure.

Do not fear the dentist any longer!

If you have ever experienced a painful dental procedure at another dental office and are wary of visiting another dentist because of said experience, contact Hunter’s Creek Dental Center. We strive to ensure patients are always comfortable during their dental procedures, so they have nothing to fear when they visit our office. Please call us at (407) 240-1500 if you have questions or concerns regarding our dental services.